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Caltrans District 7- Route 210 Street Rehabilitation Project

Project Owner: Caltrans

Construction Cost: $ 105.00

Project Period: May 2012-June 2015

Project Services:

  • Office Engineering
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Project Safety Awareness
  • CPM/Claims Scheduling
  • SWPPP Monitoring
  • Change Order Prep & Review
  • Labor Compliance
  • Project Coordination with Internal & External Stakeholders

Project Scope:

  • Replace existing pavement in Lanes # 3 and # 4 with new Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP);
  • Precast Jointed Concrete Panels (PJCP) to provide minimum40 years of service life;
  • Repair existing third stage cracked pavement in # 1, #2 and connectors with Individual Precast Slabs Replacement (IPSR);
  • Reconstruct shoulder with JPCP;
  • Replace barriers with Type 60, Type 60W Barriers;
  • Replace connectors with PJCP pavement and also EB 210 to EB 210 and WB 210 to WB 210 connectors with high friction surface treatment;
  • Provide new paint in three tunnels with new LED tunnel lighting and a controller building for the LED system;
  • Grind the pavement and replace damaged approach slabs; drainage improvements;
  • Various HMA/rubberized AC pavement, ADA ramps, loop detectors and sign structures.

Project Success:

The project is a major rehabilitation road way in urban area. It stretching out 90 miles lanes in various cities. The challenges are to work in two major shifts with multi stage construction. Real challenge to maintain project progress during Rose Bowl, Rose Parade and major sports events. The AMC staff & Caltrans worked as an excellent team with City of Pasadena to plan the work with least impact to residents, businesses and travelling public for the Events.